Monday, October 1, 2007


It's random tarot card time again. This time I pulled Glory. Hmmm.

Tarot Card: Major Arcana, 16. The Tower
Character: Glory
Upright Meaning: Ruin, disaster and destruction. Catastrophe, often unforeseen. Sudden loss. Major disruption and change, eventually resulting in enlightenment and freedom.
Reversed Meaning: Less severe disaster, but still big changes and loss. Virtual imprisonment in circumstances outside of one’s control.
Questions: If the disaster has already occurred, what will you do to minimize the effects? If the disaster is upcoming, is there anything you can do to prepare? Are you refusing to see the signs of a coming upheaval?
Advice: Running away probably won’t help; the problem is likely to follow you and find you. When you’ve picked your way through the rubble, something will emerge new and improved.

Again I say, hmmm.

I think this has to do with an issue I'm not ready to discuss publicly just yet. Someone's going to be unhappy with a decision I make, and it may very well lead to disaster. But I'm sure it's going to lead to something new and improved, so to speak, which is why I will forge ahead. But it's apparently not going to be without some trauma. Sigh.

Or possibly I just really need to dye my roots - Glory does have her some fab hair.

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