Sunday, October 14, 2007

poinsettia jewelry

It's almost time again for dressin' up festive-like and hunting for unique and wonderful gifts (not necessarily at the same time...)

Here are a few pieces from the DivaDea poinsettia collection. I don't work in red and white too terribly often, partly because of how the red clay and the white clay like each other a little too much and tend to get mergy. Nonetheless, I talked them into behaving for this poinsettia cane, and I got some crisp flat beads and some yummy, Christmas-candy-like millefiori beads.

The bracelet measures about 7 inches around, strung on stretchy cord, so no clasp. The necklace is 15 inches long with a silver-tone barrel clasp.

The cane slices for the earrings were cut before the cane was reduced too small, so at over 3/4-inch across, they are big and crazy party earrings!

These poinsettias and a few more will be making there way into my etsy shop this week!

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