Thursday, October 25, 2007


It was difficult to pick a favorite yellow picture from the flickr photo challenge, because they are all really interesting this week. There's some more wonderful fall foliage, a couple of raincoats, a rubber chicken...

But I have to go with Katie's star fruit party as my favorite this week.

I love the shiny blue plate and the reflections. Of course we like to anthropomorphize everything, don't we? And these little guys really do remind me of, well, little guys! I expect another one to meander in with its slightly aloof cowboy gait, holding a beer in one hand, er point, that is, and a glass of punch for his star fruit girlfriend in the other.

Here's my yellow photo.

I was entertained to see the yellow Troeg's beer tap right smack in the middle of the row at Applebee's during my regular Tuesday night outing with the Cumberland Singers crowd. Troeg's is a nice, rich Pennsylvania beer that comes in several dark-ish varieties. Personally, I like the Dreamweaver Wheat.

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Anonymous said...

Aw shucks! I'm so glad you liked my little guys. I got addicted to starfruit the one and only time I went to Puerto Rico. The ones here are nothing in comparison, but I was having a hankerin'. And then I thought YELLOW! yay... - kw_theatrebug


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