Wednesday, March 31, 2010

wordless wednesday: spring from the EART team

thinkspringEART, originally uploaded by divadea.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Through concentration, I can raise and lower my cholesterol at will

I'm in season 4 of The Office. I am completely in love with Jim. Jim is the perfect man. I want Jim and Pam to live happily ever after. That's not gonna happen, is it? Don't tell me.

Dwight is made of hilarious. Can't get enough of him. I want to book a night at the beet farm bed and breakfast. Also, I really want to put some office supplies in Jello. I really really do.

Also, it's set in Scranton. Yep.


Smallville. I'm determined to like it. The first season is setup, gotta get through that part. I adore Lex. A lot.


I'm very stressed about Castle. Kate's fine, right? Right??

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'd like to win it

EART is having an Easter egg hunt, and each participating shop is giving away a prize. The prizes are cool, and our Thursday topic this week is which prize would you choose? If I were hunting, I think I would want this adorable hair clip by punkynmunky. I love hair clips. I have polymer clay ones, felted ones, and ones that other people think are funny looking. I don't think anyone would laugh at this calla lily clip, though - what a pretty and clever design!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

EART egg hunt - prizes!

The EART team is having an Easter egg hunt.
Search these shops for eggs hidden in the listing photos.
Convo the shop owner with the links to the items you found, and be entered to win a prize!

Monday, March 22, 2010

mom adopted you from a shoe box full of baby howler monkeys

Never you fear, I was working on stuff while I watched all this stuff...

Time Traveler's Wife - yawnapalooza

Thirtysomething - Finished the second season. Can't get third and fourth online, so it will probably be a while until we get around to actually having them sent through Netflix. All I want is for Nancy and Elliot to get back together. I don't care about the rest of the characters really at all.

Buffy - I'm always watching Buffy, practically every day, even if only for a few minutes. I'm currently in Season 5, and dang it, I like Riley. I know I'm the only one. I'm not saying this guy is the world's best actor, but let's face it, there's a lot of less than stellar acting on Buffy. That's not the point. I like the character, and I don't think he deserves the beating he gets from Buffy fans. I mean, it's not like he's Kennedy... sheesh.

Smallville - We watched the first disc of four episodes. I'm withholding judgment mostly, but I think I'll like it. I hope so, because there are like 47 or so seasons, right?

Movies - I never go to the movie theater, never I tell you. So how have I been there three times in two weeks? This weekend we saw Alice, which was... artistic. Yep. Not in any way moving, but very very beautiful. And I think I'm starting to hate Johnny Depp less. All of the eyes in this movie were gorgeous. And the costumes, of course. 

And then on a whim, we went to the second-run cheapity-cheap theater and saw The Blindside. I was surprised, but I really enjoyed it. What a sweet story.

Waiting in the wings - Sportsnight, which I'm looking foward to muchly, and The Office, which I think is going to be my next laptop watching show.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Our EART Thursday blog ring question is all about taxes: Taxes! Do them yourself? Hire someone to do them? How do you manage? Do you keep track of your stuff all year or scramble at the last minute?

Oh, the fun! Taxes are easy at the end of the year if you keep a spreadsheet of all your sales, inventory and expenses. I have a spreadsheet!

Now, if only I had filled it in like I was supposed to... I seem to recall keeping really good records in 2008, but somehow 2009 got away from me. So,  yep, I'm scrambling, searching for receipts, which somehow end up here, there and everywhere. I did keep track of sales, so that's 1 out of 3 in the no problem category. Inventory? Well, I need to do some updating, but that shouldn't be to difficult. Expenses - see the aforementioned receipt problem. But I'm working on it.

As for who does the taxes - not me. I used to, but now I have a lovely significant other who is good at this sort of thing, so I just hand it over. I am lucky!

Continue the ring to see what MichellesCharmWorld does when tax season rolls around.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

polymer clay show and tell: earrings

I love earrings. I'm always wanting to buy them. Unfortunately, my skin reacts to pretty much any earrings I've ever worn, but I can usually manage a few hours of wearing them at least. Polymer clay is a great medium for earrings because it's so lightweight - you can go large and still be able to hold your head up.

What a fabulous idea!


I love anything citrus, especially oranges. These are adorable!


Two more of my favorite things - rainbows and cake!


Polymer clay elegance - cool!


Hehe, it only took me two pages of etsy search to find lots of earrings I love.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I should probably go back to just watching buffy

Still watching Thirtysomething on my laptop. It's mostly sad. Did people really dress like that in the 80s? Really?

Saw Shutter Island with friends. It was awesome to see friends, but what a lame movie! Boring, long, predictable. I should know better. This is why I almost never go to the movie theater, and when I do it's the cheap second-run one!

Weeds - why am I still watching this show? It's gross and very very disturbing. I so so so love Mary Louise Parker, though - she's brilliant. So we watch. We're in the middle of season 5 right now. I miss the theme song. Also, I was hoping Andy would be a temporary character. He's in my top 10 least favorite characters ever.

And speaking of hated characters, Buffyfest is having a tournament. Quality entertainment. I'm personally rooting for Kennedy or Connor. Or Rona. Or Boyd. Ugh!

Glee is going to be on Tuesday nights. Don't they know I'm busy on Tuesday nights? Rude.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday EART blog ring: creativity blockage?

Happy Thursday. The EART blog ring topic of the week is What do you do when your creativity gets blocked?

Well, here's the thing. I honestly can't remember a time when I haven't had a thousand ideas in my head fighting to jump out and get created. For instance, I could spend the next five years just making the penguins on my penguin list!

I'm afraid it's time and energy that I lack - not ideas.

I try to write my ideas in a notebook. I guess if I ever do feel blocked, the notebook is where I'll start.

So... do my EART friends have creative blocks? Continue reading at PnkGeeni's blog.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

polymer clay show and tell: buttons

Buttons are cool. Everyone knows this, right? Polymer clay is cool - not everyone knows this, so spread the word. Polymer clay buttons are super cool.

(Check out her whole shop - some amazing buttons!)


I think these are just lovely. I like coordinating sets of things with different patterns.


I love the shapes of buttons this artist makes!


Monday, March 8, 2010

what do you hear in these sounds?

We went crazy and watched the entire 3rd season of Big Love in about 4 days, I think. This whole season was about Barb for me - gah, what a character! In the midst of a completely creeptastic show, the creepiest moment for me was the scene where the Baptist minister and the Mormon daughter tried to convert each other to the "true path." Creepy because it was so like real life where we all just march around trying to make each other see the way.
Saw Dar Williams at a quaint little theater. It wasn't her best show ever, and she was sick. But I would still rather see her than pretty much anyone else. I enjoyed her story about growing up listening to stories about the Greek gods. The song that goes with that story is one of my favorites - Mercy of the Fallen -  you can listen here. Also she says she's working on a new album, which I am excited about!

I need to read the Mists of Avalon. It's time. But I can't find it. Usually I "loan" it to someone and then order a new used one on Amazon. But I don't remember loaning it this time, so where is it? Meh, I'll probably just go order another copy.

My Netflix watch right now is Thirtysomething. The characters are this bunch of late-80s-yuppie-have-no-real-problems-so-they-make-them-up-whiners, especially Hope. The constant whinging on and analyzing every detail of every word is nauseating - in an entertaining way. And then I realize what really bugs me about her character is that it's me. I am that over-discussing, over-analyzing, melodramatic, middle-class whiner. I am. I think I'll shut up now.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

3 favs!

Today's Thursday EART blog ring topic is "three favorite items from EART members."

I've been admiring this since, yep, Christmas :)


I want all the soaps in this shop because they're just so pretty!


Amazing bead work! (Plus, points for good spelling...)


Continue the blog ring. See what other EART ladies are loving this Thursday. Next up: PnkGeeni!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Go DC!

3-3-2010, originally uploaded by Matt.Dunn.
There are no words for how sad this photo makes me.

Monday, March 1, 2010

when you're sick you can watch a whole lot of television

The cool thing about Netflix is that you can watch lots of stuff on your laptop. That doesn't not explain why I would choose to watch season 5 of Grey's Anatomy again. I cry over episode - with the cancer and the sick children and all the angsty doctorama drama. Oh so sad.

Finally started season 3 of Big Love. And no, of course, I haven't read all over the internet to get the spoilers into season 4... More on this later.

Finished what there is of Torchwood. The good news is that they're supposedly shooting another season right now. Although I hardly see the point, what with all my favorite characters gone. Torchwood: Children of Earth was completely awesome. It was a five-episode series depicting 5 nights of total terror. It was very scary - and I do not usually find TV or movies scary, horror or otherwise. It was completely unnerving and giving-of-nightmares, but what I really liked about it was the lightness. It wasn't shot all dark and green like horror movies often are.

This weekend I was pretty much incapacitated, so I watched Harry Potter, movies 1 through 5. Will probably watch 6 tonight just to even things out. Or not, since this is Chuck and Castle night! About Harry Potter - I love Snape. I think he's brilliant, the character and the actor. Having read all the books gives his character at the beginning so much more depth for me. Knowing just a bit about his past makes me want to analyze his every move - I know, I need to get a life. But instead I'll probably just go search out some Snape and/or Torchwood fan fiction.

BBC shows I'd like to see: Being Human, The Choir


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