Monday, March 8, 2010

what do you hear in these sounds?

We went crazy and watched the entire 3rd season of Big Love in about 4 days, I think. This whole season was about Barb for me - gah, what a character! In the midst of a completely creeptastic show, the creepiest moment for me was the scene where the Baptist minister and the Mormon daughter tried to convert each other to the "true path." Creepy because it was so like real life where we all just march around trying to make each other see the way.
Saw Dar Williams at a quaint little theater. It wasn't her best show ever, and she was sick. But I would still rather see her than pretty much anyone else. I enjoyed her story about growing up listening to stories about the Greek gods. The song that goes with that story is one of my favorites - Mercy of the Fallen -  you can listen here. Also she says she's working on a new album, which I am excited about!

I need to read the Mists of Avalon. It's time. But I can't find it. Usually I "loan" it to someone and then order a new used one on Amazon. But I don't remember loaning it this time, so where is it? Meh, I'll probably just go order another copy.

My Netflix watch right now is Thirtysomething. The characters are this bunch of late-80s-yuppie-have-no-real-problems-so-they-make-them-up-whiners, especially Hope. The constant whinging on and analyzing every detail of every word is nauseating - in an entertaining way. And then I realize what really bugs me about her character is that it's me. I am that over-discussing, over-analyzing, melodramatic, middle-class whiner. I am. I think I'll shut up now.

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sassypackrat said...

I loved 30 something when it was on. I also have read the Mists Of Avalon so I know once you finally find it you'll enjoy it.


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