Monday, March 1, 2010

when you're sick you can watch a whole lot of television

The cool thing about Netflix is that you can watch lots of stuff on your laptop. That doesn't not explain why I would choose to watch season 5 of Grey's Anatomy again. I cry over episode - with the cancer and the sick children and all the angsty doctorama drama. Oh so sad.

Finally started season 3 of Big Love. And no, of course, I haven't read all over the internet to get the spoilers into season 4... More on this later.

Finished what there is of Torchwood. The good news is that they're supposedly shooting another season right now. Although I hardly see the point, what with all my favorite characters gone. Torchwood: Children of Earth was completely awesome. It was a five-episode series depicting 5 nights of total terror. It was very scary - and I do not usually find TV or movies scary, horror or otherwise. It was completely unnerving and giving-of-nightmares, but what I really liked about it was the lightness. It wasn't shot all dark and green like horror movies often are.

This weekend I was pretty much incapacitated, so I watched Harry Potter, movies 1 through 5. Will probably watch 6 tonight just to even things out. Or not, since this is Chuck and Castle night! About Harry Potter - I love Snape. I think he's brilliant, the character and the actor. Having read all the books gives his character at the beginning so much more depth for me. Knowing just a bit about his past makes me want to analyze his every move - I know, I need to get a life. But instead I'll probably just go search out some Snape and/or Torchwood fan fiction.

BBC shows I'd like to see: Being Human, The Choir

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sassypackrat said...

I love Torchwood! I saw Being Human Season one and it was awesome. You'll enjoy it. You might like Demons also.


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