Monday, March 15, 2010

I should probably go back to just watching buffy

Still watching Thirtysomething on my laptop. It's mostly sad. Did people really dress like that in the 80s? Really?

Saw Shutter Island with friends. It was awesome to see friends, but what a lame movie! Boring, long, predictable. I should know better. This is why I almost never go to the movie theater, and when I do it's the cheap second-run one!

Weeds - why am I still watching this show? It's gross and very very disturbing. I so so so love Mary Louise Parker, though - she's brilliant. So we watch. We're in the middle of season 5 right now. I miss the theme song. Also, I was hoping Andy would be a temporary character. He's in my top 10 least favorite characters ever.

And speaking of hated characters, Buffyfest is having a tournament. Quality entertainment. I'm personally rooting for Kennedy or Connor. Or Rona. Or Boyd. Ugh!

Glee is going to be on Tuesday nights. Don't they know I'm busy on Tuesday nights? Rude.

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