Thursday, October 18, 2007


The second color is up at our rainbow photo challenge over at flickr. This is a great time of year for orange! We've got leaves, flowers, Halloween "peeps" and other good stuff. My personal favorite this time is my sister's Pumpkin Patch photo. I am a sucker for pumpkins, especially laid out by the dozens in fields. I like the shape of this photo, and I especially love the way it shows bunches of different shades of orange. Because after all, you can never have too much orange.

My photo for orange (admittedly a copout, because I was way short on time this past week) is one of my necklaces. It's a real attention grabber, with bright complementary colors and various shapes and textures. It's name is Alissa, because that's the name of the cane originally created for a PCAGOE challenge. The challenge necklace (quite an extravaganza) is here, and this is the second one (a little less mammoth this time).

If you're participating in the challenge, don't forget to vote for orange and starting thinking about yellow!

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