Monday, October 1, 2007

I crack myself up...

I'm finally finding time to finish cards and post them to my new etsy shop, the paperwhisperer!

**Caution: Snark to Follow**

I showed some of my latest greeting to my father and my uncle, and they laughed. Quite a lot actually. Which tells me that perhaps my cards are appealing to middle-aged men. I am fairly certain that this is not the main demographic at etsy. Or craft shows for that matter. Yet, I press on.

Here's a useful one for that person who has seriously moped long enough. The inside message is: get over it.

And here's a beauty to congratulate someone on her new baby:
At least it's not triplets.

There are also some cards of the non-snarkilicious variety, like seasonal note cards for fall and Halloween, made from scrapbooking paper, stamped images, recycled bits of magazines, and other embellishments.

Check thepaperwhisperer often - I have about 80 more cards ready to post :)

Arriving soon: snarkified wedding cards!

1 comment:

Megan said...

what is "snark"? whatever it is, i think i like it, cuz those cards are awesome!


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