Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Buffy meets South Park

OK, I admit it. I think South Park is funny. I know that makes me a bad person, but hey, that's not my only personality flaw.

I followed a link from the etsy forums (where else?) to here, and here is the resulting hilarity.

It was like I just couldn't stop myself... I still want to make Joyce, Dawn and Drusilla. And maybe Kendra. And Riley. Oh, and Harmony. Oh dear...


mrm said...

Too cool! I will have to play with this!

Rachel said...

OK, that is really funny! I could totally figure out who was who! I found you via Etsy and Flickr and I also have a major Buffy obsession. I started making a Buffy tarot deck but never finished it. They are on my blog somewhere. Nice to find another Buffy fanatic! I'm Indigoluna on Etsy.


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