Thursday, March 20, 2008

We be swirlin'

Polymer clay is cool. You didn't know I felt that way, did you?

The main cool thing about polymer clay is the way it likes to keep to itself, colorwise, that is. When you make intricate patterns or, like in these examples, swirls, the clay colors don't mix. They hold their own, thus making it possible to have lots of detail and colorful contrast.

Notice how the colors are very defined in HollyFaith84's design-your-own lollipops.

As you mix and swirl, the clay starts to blend a bit (some brands more easily than others). In madeinlowell's geology egg ornament, the colors are starting to blend just a little to make a neat geode-like gradient.

Thecolorofdreams' oceans seven ring has even more blending - I'm guessing she used one of the softer types of clay to get this effect. But even as they start to blend the colors stay vibrant.

I think that's why I'm still using polymer clay. I never get tired of colors and trying new combinations of colors.

Want to see more polymer clay swirliness on etsy? Click here - the variety is amazing!

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Ivy said...

wonderful colors!!


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