Friday, March 28, 2008

name that tune #10

OK, here's the scoop. Since it seems I've only got time for this about once a week, the etsy singalong is moving here to my regular blog. See all the past songs and comments here.

Here are the rules: Each name that tune post will show a set of photos from etsy artists - together, they will represent a song. Leave a comment telling me what the song is. All the correct answers will go in a hat, and once a month there will be a random drawing for a prize of polymer clay or hand-stamped goodness! Make sure your comment includes a way to contact you. Comments will be unscreened after each contest, so don't post your phone number, OK? (Click the photo for a bigger version.)

Etsy artists represented here are (in order from top left): wjcatnip, amandajean, NoosedKitty, madelaine, Isotope, Merimask, NaturesStudio, ensuingchaos, JaredKS, barkingbirdart, gallogirlphotos and Delaneys . Click their names to visit their fabulous etsy shops.

This photo was created using the etsy poster sketch tool. All etsy photos used are the sole property of their owners, and no infringement is intended. If you wish to have your photo removed from my site, please just comment here or email me at, and your wish will be granted post haste.

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