Thursday, March 6, 2008

Shake that fish!

I told you there would be more fish. Fish are fun. These are not only adorable, but also functional, since they are musical instruments. They're great to display also, because they can sit up on their own.
This is Lois. She makes a soft shaker sound.
This is Wendy. She has a slightly louder sound, since she's bigger. And actually, I'm not sure she's a fish - more of a fishduckbirdplatypus perhaps...
Both are one of a kind, made by covering plastic Easter eggs with handmade polymer clay canework and adding embellishments with clay.
PS Want to make one of your own? Come to my class at St. John's Coffee Cafe in Camp Hill, PA, this Saturday afternoon. Registration details at


laura said...

Im going to have to try this with the kids
3 things they love, noise makers and clay and easter eggs

ZudaGay said...

Your fish are adorable!!! And, I love shakers!!!

Rachel said...

Wow, how beautiful! I never would have guessed there were plastic Easter eggs in there!

I wish I could come to your class!


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