Monday, March 17, 2008

Since it's green day...

I've read a bunch of St. Pat's Day and green blog postings today, so I figured I might as well jump on the paddy wagon.

Here's my favorite green DivaDea jewelry. This green flower cane is named Brie.

Brie Necklace: 19 inches long, silver-tone lobster clasp, strung on black wax cord
Also available:
Brie Bracelet: 7.5 inches around, stretchy, no clasp
Brie Earrings: 1.25 inches long, silver-tone posts

I love the shiny black glass beads and the green teardrops. Here are a few more items with the cool teardrop beads.

And because I can't resist surfing etsy to see what my pcagoe friends are up to, here are a few more neat green items in polymer clay.

Key Lime Pie Earrings by inediblejewelry

Scary Green Dragon by time4coffee

Green Aster Flower Earrings by chickiegirlcreations

Happy St. Patrick's Day :)


Distressing Delilah said...

Great greens! I love your necklace! Thank you for the nice comment on my site also! Have a great day.

tatsuko said...

Lovely green items you chose! And thanks for your comments on my blog ☺

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