Sunday, January 20, 2008

WIP - love challenge #6

Here it is! The last steps of my pcagoe February challenge project, the lovers tarot wall hanging.
(See all the steps.)

After making all the pieces for the picture and the background, I fit them together carefully, and smoothed every seam with gloved fingers.

Here's a close-up of the still unbaked project.

Then I made a border with brown clay. I mixed in the ends of the brown hair cane to ensure a nice match and to use clay that might otherwise be wasted.

After a simple border was made, I re-smoothed and re-checked the whole piece inch by inch. And then it went into the oven to bake (on cardboard on a cookie sheet). I bake my beads in their own little toaster oven, but at approximately 9 inches square, this one had to go in the regular oven.

After it cooled I did a bit of sanding and buffing - notice how the mica shift apple's pattern shows now - and mounted the whole thing on cardboard and felt. Now all that's left is to add hanging apparatus to the back, post it for sale in my etsy shop, and enter it in the challenge.

Project completed!

I plan to scan the project and alter the image digitally to add the number and title of the "card," and this will be the start of what could be a pretty fabulous tarot deck. So, 1 down, only 77 to go...

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