Thursday, January 3, 2008


Polymer clay comes in the most fantastic colors. And of course, you can mix the colors to create infinite shades and hues. I remember a time (although the memories are getting faint now) when I loved black. I wore black every day. I think I owned about 25 black skirts. It's funny how we change over the years - now I love colors, the more the better, the brighter the better.

Here are just a few colorful etsy polymer clay items for today.

Citrus Surprise Earrings by clayangel

Evening Sunflower Decorative Switchplate by mosaico

Psychedelic Colorific Polymer Trio by wumpus

Sunburst Polymer Clay Button by ovenfriedbeads

My own "self portrait" necklace in complementary colors, which I love.

I will admit that I still own several black skirts, but now I have to hunt for them amid the orange and yellow and rainbow and stripes...

Have a colorful day!

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idyll hands said...

Oooooh - lovely items. I love checking in on these blogs :)


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