Friday, January 18, 2008

WIP - love challenge #4

For those just tuning in, this is the progress pictures of my project for the PCAGOE February challenge, which is love. My project involves the Lovers tarot card and lots and lots of clay.

Having finished the cane work sections of the project, next, I made an apple.

The apple has significance on the lovers tarot card because of the mythological Biblical reference to a big, life-changing decision. Read a little more about the card in step #1.

This particular apple is being made using the mica shift technique. This piece is still unbaked, but when it is baked, sanded and buffed, it will shine and the pattern will show much more than it does now.
(Pssst. A guild friend of mine, Rebecca of RGCreations, does wonderful mica shift work. Check it out.)
The next step will be to make the background and put the whole thing together. Guess I better get moving!

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