Thursday, January 10, 2008

WIP - love challenge - #1

I'm trying something new here. A few things new, actually. I've been doing my best to branch out a bit in my polymer clay-ing, although I will admit that my first love is making beads and jewelry. So this will be a new type of project for me - and I'm not even sure exactly what! It's definitely going to be a piece of art, but I'm not sure exactly how big, what all the components will be, or how I will put it together. I have lots of ideas, of course, so we'll see what happens. The second new part is that I'm going to log my progress and steps as I work. Here is my first step. It took way longer than it should have, but then I have extremely limited drawing skills. Will the end project look anything like this? Who knows.

This is a drawing based on the major arcana tarot card, The Lovers. I chose this because the next monthly challenge theme for PCAGOE is love, and I really want to challenge myself this time around. I plan to use Fimo polymer clay in a combination of cane work, mica shift and mokume gane techniques as well as some other materials for a mixed media piece.

About The Lovers card
The Lovers card denotes the obvious - love, romance, sex, marriage. But it's also about decisions, usually a decision between two options - vice or virtue, devil or angel, wife or mistress, that sort of thing. Depending on placement in a reading, there are also opposite aspects of these themes, such as divorce, or stagnancy and difficulty making decisions. Here's the thing: the obvious decision isn't always right, and the right decision isn't always obvious.

Stay tuned for step 2 of this work in progress.

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