Saturday, January 12, 2008

WIP - love challenge- #2

Here's the next step in my PCAGOE February challenge project. It's going to be (we hope) an art collage made of polymer clay representing the major arcana tarot card The Lovers.

Step number two - the canes. Believe it or not, the canes you see above and below are destined to be hair. The canes are made by "building" pictures and patterns with different colors of polymer clay. I am using Fimo Soft for this project with a bit of Premo Sculpey thrown in if needed for the colors. These are about half colors from the package and about half hand-blended to make original colors.

And the canes below will be faces. They will be rolled into small tubes, 1/2 ot 1 cm across and cut into thin slices so that the pattern will be there, but not be overwhelming.

And, finally, here are the canes (plus a few more for shirts and background) reduced and ready to slice. The chunks of clay on the right are the beginnings of some mokume gane, which will be coming up in the next step.

I hope you'll come back to see the progress on my Lovers project!

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