Friday, January 4, 2008


Many artists and jewelry designers give each of their pieces a name. I name things also, but a little differently. I name each polymer clay cane I make. Usually each individual cane has a name and the name is not used again, but I have some exceptions. For instance, all of my just black and white canes are named Cindy. And sometimes a "family" (which is what my sister who canes with me like to call them) of canes that go together all have the same name.

One of my all-time favorite canes is Danielle. This particular cane was made with Sculpey brand polymer clay, using some hand-mixed colors and some straight out of the package.

All three Danielle items shown here are currently for sale at my etsy shop - click the photos to see more pictures and details for each item - and there are a few more Danielle necklaces on the way. I'm bummed when I use up the last of the beads from a cane I particularly like such as this one, especially since no cane is ever duplicated.

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