Thursday, December 16, 2010

singoff 4

Whoa, this show was awesome. The medleys were, well, medleys, sort of, but not really, since they were mostly just three chunks of songs in a row, not really much medleying going on. But whatever, still cool. I, of course, would have really liked the artist choices to be different - Madonna, Cyndi, Paul Simon... But yeah, I'm old. The judges and I are apparently starting to jive - well, just Ben Folds really - because I kept writing things down that they would then say. Funny.

So, the first half of the show - medleys.

On the Rocks - Elton John medley - The singing was totally solid, but I found the whole thing kind of boring. They're lacking soul. Then again they're so young! I give them a 7. They went home after the first half, and I agree with that, but they are adorable, and I give them props for getting 15 guys reined in enough to get anything done!

Committed - Usher medley - Flawless performance as usual. Not songs I cared for particularly, but they were brilliant. Plus, oh my, they are so adorable. A 9.

Street Corner Symphony - Beatles medley - I wanted more arranging and more passion. But all-around awesome anyway. 8.

The Backbeats - Lady Gaga medley - Good singing. They're definitely improving. The singing was less harsh than other performances they've given. They're robot outfits were... shiny. This group is all about the girls - odd that the guys rarely have any leads. I give them an 8.

Talk of the Town - Otis Redding medley - They just have so much soul. These guys are perfection. It's interesting that their less-is-more choreography just seems so much more dignified than all the kids' jumping around. It's a 9, just because it's still... a medley.


Part two - judges song picks. I find this an odd challenge. I would have preferred the groups to choose their own style for the last one. But at least the picks were decent songs.

Committed - Let's Stay Together - Here marks the first tear I shed during the Singoff. This performance was amazing. They passed the melody down the line seamlessly, which is a trick I really enjoy. Just wow. 10.

Street Corner Symphony - Down on the Corner - I didn't care for the percussion, thought it was a bit much. This piece was great, but I feel like their performances on the first few shows were better than this one. Still love these guys, though. 8.

The Backbeats - Landslide - This is the first time I've really really liked these guys. The arpeggiated start they did was awesome - people have no idea how hard that is. So much emotion, so much good singing without the harsh edge they sometimes get. I loved it. 10.

Talk of the Town - House of the Rising Sun - There are no words. 11.


And, if all this fabulous isn't enough, I'm going to see Rockapella tomorrow. Yay!

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