Friday, December 10, 2010


OK, I gotta say that I really love Katherine Heigl. I just think she's adorable. I'm not finished watching the 3rd season of Roswell yet, but it does get increasingly weird, as shows that start in high school tend to do as the kids get older. And oh yeah, alien shows have the get-weird-as-they-go tendency as well, I suppose. Anyway, I love some of the characters in this show a lot, and one of them is Isabel. She's the one who wants to live her own life, the one who loves Christmas, the one who doesn't want to be all alien and weird. Odd that I would like the conformist of the group, but she's good-hearted and you gotta respect that.

The other character I love love love is Maria. And I love that they let her sing. What a voice. Don't you just love altos?! This scene of her singing at a friend's funeral is so gorgeous.

And of course I just want Maria and Michael to live happily ever after. What are the chances? Don't tell me, I'm not done watching.

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