Tuesday, December 14, 2010

singoff 3

  • I so want to do vocal percussion. I have a good instructional DVD, but I can't do it. Maybe I could if I really really worked at it. I feel like I can do pretty many of the sounds, but I don't have the stamina to do them over and over again, which of course you have to do.
  • Everyone goes on and on about the soloist, the bass and the percussion, but people, I am here to tell you that the hardest parts to sing are the inner parts. You've gotta learn hard parts that often jump around and don't feel logical. You never get to lead - you always have to follow the top and/or the bottom, and that takes big concentration. You've gotta be so careful about intonation and volume. Inner parts are hard work that never get any credit!
  • Everyone I've talked to so far agrees with me that a certain one of the judges comes across as dumb as a post. Ugh.
  • I'm starting to think the judges are hearing different groups from what I'm hearing. And I mean, really, who are you going to listen to? Me or the judges? Yeah, OK, never mind ;)
The Backbeats - First: This is the first performance of theirs I've liked. Bon Jovi = good choice. Nice arrangement. I give them a 7. Second: Love Shack? I really could barely get past my hatred of that song to even pay attention. I did like the stacking of the chord at the very end - cool. But overall? Meh, whatever. I give them a 6, for (behold my math skills) an average score of 6.5.

Street Corner Symphony - First: I didn't think this song was a good choice. Not very rock-ish. I didn't like the arrangement or the solo very much, and I thought the balance was off. But maybe I just didn't get it. I give it a 5. Second: This one was brilliant. The arrangement was just so wonderful - lots of changes without being cheesy. The singing was gorgeous. I loved the intro. I give it a 9, which means average of 7.

Talk of the Town - First: These guys have such amazing soul and depth. There's no comparison. They are in a league of their own. Satisfaction is a 10. Second: This one was a little less intense than their others so far, but still brilliant. Their voices are just so rich. Gorgeous! I give Easy a 9, for a grand average of 9.5.

On the Rocks - First: I thought Pour Some Sugar was adorable and that the solo was good. The rougher sound the judges were asking for would not have agreed with me, I guarantee it. I think this is the best they've been so far. It was solid. I give it an 8. Second: No! This was a disaster (and this is where the judges and I were apparently watching two different shows...) Kyrie is a song I love, and I thought this was hideous. The entrance was painful, the whole solo felt uncomfortable. No no no. I give it a grudging 3 for an average of 5.5. This is the group that should have been eliminated. And I am unanimous in that.

Groove for Thought - First: Changes? Odd choice, but I liked the arrangement. This wasn't their best - it felt shaky and nervous. The soloist has a great voice, but she smiles her words all out of whack. The thing about vocal jazz, in my opinion, is that it's just not as accessible to the average listener as simple pop arranging. It needs a second listen! I give this one a 6. Second: This arrangement of You Make My Dreams Come True was so very jazz, so very NY Voices, and so very fabulous. They took a dumbish song and made it brilliant. I'm glad they kept their jazz - it's what their good at. This one was a ten, for an average score from me of 8. I'm very disappointed that they went home. Their actual singing is so much better than On the Rocks - different league, really.

Committed - Every Breath You Take was not my favorite of theirs, but it was still brilliant. I love their choral sound. I disagree with Ben - I thought it did totally rock. The judges were really hard on them, and I think it's because they're so amazing. They didn't really have anywhere to go after being so excellent so far. I give this one a 9. I loved it. Second: Holy crap. They took one of the dumbest songs ever written and made it absolutely brilliant. They cheesed up the choreography, made the whole thing hilarious, and then proceeded to sing every note perfectly. Not a flaw. This was parody at its best, and I'm not sure a lot of people even realized it. It's a 10, and I hope these guys come here when they start touring. Average score, 9.5.

I hope Committed and Talk of the Town are the final two. I just don't see any comparison. They're in a different singing universe from the other groups. Wow.

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