Friday, December 17, 2010


Went to a Rockapella concert. They are five guys. One was out of commission. So instead of doing the professional thing - canceling the show and refunding - they sang anyway. Only they didn't adjust their parts at all, just sang their repertoire with a part missing. Basically, they never quite tuned up the whole night, so your ear could never really lock into a key. There were all these weird open chords missing a note that just kinda made me cringe. The vocal percussionist was amazing, except that he was turned up loud enough to completely cover up the melody most of time (that is when there was a melody - apparently sometimes the fifth guy has it...) Not sure what the sound guy was thinking there. Or maybe it was intentional to distract from the lack of cohesive harmonies. Their bass is also amazing. I would have preferred to just listen to him sing songs all night and forget the rest. I remember these guys being brilliant, so this was a bummer. I wonder whether it was the group or the venue that made the decision to not cancel the show. Hmmm.

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