Thursday, December 9, 2010

Singoff 2

It's so fluffy!

Questions I have after the second episode are:
  • Why does a cappella singing have to have so much choreography? Sure, it can be cool, but can't the singing ever stand on its own?
  • Who is doing all this arranging? Are these groups really doing all their own? And if so, wow!
  • Who is dressing these people? I love the outfits. The orange jackets were a little over the top...
  • Could there be a duller host?
And on to the groups:

On the Rocks - Rap? Why? I think their choreography is too big and out of control. The performance was better than I thought it would be and what singing there was in between the rapping was decent. I give them a 6.

Street Corner Symphony - I still am hoping to hear some southern gospel from them, but of course I realize they had no choice in the matter. They were awesome - great soloists, awesome high notes, great blend. Woot! I give them a 9.

Eleventh Hour - I just find them generic. Their song was lame, not much to work with in the way of arranging. They had some pitch issues. Then again they're high school kids, and considering that fact, they're pretty amazing. I give them a 5. They went home, which was the right choice, in my humble opinion.


Talk of the Town - Holy crap. These guys are astonishingly good. Mercy - what a great song choice! All around class, all around brilliant sound. Awesome. Beautiful. I give them a 9.

Nota - last year's winner. They were the only good group last year, and they are fab. So why on earth would they sing the world's dumbest song? Meh. It's OK, the Blackeyed Peas have plenty of fans. They won't miss me.

The Backbeats - I still don't like the soloist much, though I realize that is a minority opinion. I loved their "breathing" chords - neat idea. I think their overall sound is too loud and too dense. I give them a 6.

Committed - These guys have made my day. They are perfection. The arranging is simple and brilliant, the song Apologize was perfect for them, and I am floored. Just wow. I give them a 10, and I hope they win and start touring.

Groove for Thought - Yay for jazz. They are the only group using jazz harmonies, and it's gorgeous. Their intonation and balance are both great. Their dancing is a little like you might expect from a bunch of schoolteachers, but who cares! They're singing is phenomenal. This is the kind of group I would want to be in. I give them a 9.

The Whiffenpoofs - I'm heartbroken that they went home. I love their choral sound. They remind me of the Kings Singers, especially the Kings Singers doing pop music, which is goofy, but charming. And in tune :) I give them a 9.


Now, about the commercials during the singoff:

A. I think the "open heart" design from Kay jewelers is just downright ugly.

2. Why did no one veto the phrase "give the gift of asphalt"?? Seriously, that is not going to inspire anyone to get me a car for xmas.

! I want to see the new show The Cape. It has Summer Glau.

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