Friday, November 2, 2007


This was green week over at my flickr rainbow photo challenge. My favorite this week is leeleeoh7's green beads. For one thing, I love beads. For another thing, I love shiny. This picture makes me feel like they're rolling away - photos that make you feel motion are always cool. And I'm oddly fascinated by the possibilities of what could be reflected in the beads. Yes, I know, it's probably something mundane, like the wall or the shirt of the photographer, but shut up and don't tell me that - I can dream.

My green picture is of a closet of a person who arranges shirts by color. This is the green section. Mostly olive green and seafoam green, but green nonetheless.

1 comment:

bird said...

okay, but let's be honest... you really like that photo because it looks like peas!


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