Thursday, November 15, 2007

Button, button, who's got the...

I admit it. I've caught the button bug. Ever since someone at an art fair looked at my beads and said, "hey, you oughtta make buttons," I've been into the old-fashioned fastener. And I'm starting to understand why some people just collect buttons for the heck of it. Of course, some folks actually use the buttons they collect. Art buttons such as these, which are made of unique polymer clay cane work can be used in lots of projects - to fasten a purse or wristlet, to adorn greeting cards or collage art, to fancy up hand-sewn or store-bought clothing, to string, unstring and sort if you're a kindergartener, to mix and match and have fun with!

Here are my latest.

Benji Buttons

Jess Buttons

Marcia Buttons Square

Mardi Gras Buttons

Stripey Buttons

Some have been sold, but some are still available here at my etsy shop. Get your buttons now - they make great stocking stuffers for your favorite sewer, crafter, or collector of cuteness.

And to remind myself that sometimes people make stuff with materials other than polymer clay...

Here are a few cool ones I found on etsy:

Hand-embroidered silk buttons by contemporarystitches.

Handmade ceramic buttons by Mudcakes.

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Megan said...

will you please make some sort of of fabulous purple bead (or button) pattern and name it after me? pleeeease? :)


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