Monday, November 9, 2009

So in the continuing effort to make the penguins on my list of penguin personality ideas, I built good old Dorothy and her trusty dog Toto. I knew before baking that the hair wasn't quite right, but turns out that was the least of my problems. The whole deal fell over in the oven, thus squashing the ruby slippers and the hair and severing poor Toto's head. Now I have a better idea of how to put this one together, though, so I'll try again. I was pleased at how Toto turned out, since my sculpting skills are limited, to say the least. I don't think I'll be making a habit of building little dogs, but it's always good to try something new.

This weekend I took a break from penguins and made a boatload of Christmas and birthday cards, all collages made out of used cards. Somehow making these cards gives me a sense of satisfaction. I think it's the using up of materials. So to achieve that sensation with the beads, I would just need to make a 127-foot long necklace... OK, perhaps not.

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