Monday, November 2, 2009

Live long and prosper

Here's the penguin getting mailed to the winner of PenguinPalooza. Can you tell who he is? I hope she likes it!

Here's the list of all the ideas I got. Hope to be making a bunch of these soon!

penguin dressed up as a turtle.
penguin holding a jack-o-lantern.
bluetooth/cellphone penguin.
raking fall leaves penguin.
penguin in a space suit.
penguin in raincoat/boots.
penguin with a waistcoat & a watch! (like the white rabbit)
80s boombox penguin.
orchestra conductor penguin.
buzz lightyear penguin.
policeman penguin.
firefighter penguin.
penguin cradeling baby penguin.
librarian penguin.
penguin with huge jar of huge pickles.
mountain climber penguin.
penguin in a hot dog bun, or a hot dog suit.
baseball penguin.
oompa-loompa penguin.
Penguin dressed as a fairy!
Penguin vulcan!
Renaissance/medieval penguin!
Rainy day penguin with umbrella and slicker who has fallen into a mud puddle!
Disco penguin
Albert Penguin Einstein
Dorothy and Toto penguin
Glenda the good Witch Penguin
Wicked Penguin of the West
Phantom Penguin of the Opera
Pharmacist Penguin
Accountant Penguin
Star Spangled Penguin
Statue of Liberty Penguin
Red Hat Penguin
Under the Sea Penguin
Mermaid Penguin
Fa Penguin
Penguin as a birthday candle.
Penguin as a Pineapple.
Surfing penguin.
Star Trek Penguins
Lord of the Rings Penguins
Pilgrim and Indian penguins
Penguin as a turkey
Rudolph the red nosed penguin stuck in a chimny.
Snowman penguin
Penguin as a cupcake.
Hula couple penguins trapped in a volcano.
Missionary penguin in a stew pot.
abraham Lincoln
+ Leather penguin
+ Dominatrix penguin
+ Singing/Choral penguin
Michael Jackson penguin
+ Penguin in a wheelchair
+ Swine flu penguin (again not sure how you'd do head is full of weird thoughts today)
+ Jogging/80s aerobic penguin
+ Photographer penguin
+ Disco fever penguin (fun with patterns!)
Dickensian choir penguins
An Internet one (wwww.penguin?)
Penguin in a kayak
Surfer penguin
Penguin on a slip and slide
Penguin dressed up as a pig
Workout penguin in his zumba gear
Jay Leno
Trumpet player!
Penguin dressed as a frog
Medieval Knight penguin
Painter penguin (possibly wearing a smock and holding a paint palette and paint brush)
Penn State Penguin
Scarecrow penguin with a crow sitting on its shoulder
Monty Python penguin
Ninja penguin
family of penguins (mom, dad and baby)
Phantom of the Opera Penguin
Musician Penguins..... guitar, drum sticks, microphone, etc.... :D
Penguin holding a fishing rod and wearing a fishing hat and a fishing vest
Penguin with swine flu...wearing a hot water bottle on his head and holding a box of tissues with a thermometer in his mouth
Suitcase, umbrella drink and a hawaiian shirt or lei!
Zombie penguin!
barista penguin
A fish with a penguin in it's mouth - you know, maybe hanging off of the penguin butt or something. Life in reverse!
bartender penguin - a little martini shaker in it's hand
Race for the Cure penguin
Breast Cancer Awareness penguin
Video game penguin. A penguin tangled in video game cords.
A penguin drinking many cups of coffee that looks very tired
A photographer penguin, with a big camera around his neck.
A nerdy penguin, with the glasses with the tape and the pocket protector.
A California penguin with a bikini or board shorts and sunglasses
A Hannah Montana penguin with the blonde wig for all those crazed kid fans
A Mickey or Minnie Mouse penguin
cheerleader penguin
6 of 1 size, 2 a little bigger, and the 2 more even bigger and then you have Jon & Kate plus 8
a bride and groom penguin
a penguin in a tiny wheelchair
a chef penguin with the little chef hat and apron
a doctor or nurse penguin with the lab coat or scrubs
A Veternarian Dr. penguin holding a little animal
Newsreporter penguin with a little suit and a microphone
racecar driver Penguin in a tiny car
Angel penguin
penguin with antlers to be Rudolph
penguin in a bunny suit with ears and tail for Easter!
penguin with t-shirt that either says Wildcats or High School Musical for kids
penguin dressed in camo for the military
Michael Jackson penguin with a leather jacket and a glove on one wing

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sassypackrat said...

I love my Dr. Spock Penguin! He's so awesome! Thanks you so much! I also can't wait to see how you do the other suggestions!


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