Tuesday, November 17, 2009

had to share

Sometimes you come across an artist that makes you so happy that you can't resist sharing! This is the work of Tenika of Velvet Morning on etsy.

She makes collages in several layers, including antique handwritten letters and texts, ephemera, textures, vintage portraits, acetate, photography, digital effects, etc. She often uses a travel theme, which is partly why it feels like the woman in each piece has her own story. These pieces inspire me to want to write stories. But alas, I'm no good at that, so I'll just admire.

The shop has ACEOs (which are little playing-card-sized bits of art) as well as prints in larger sizes. I definitely want to add at least one (OK, 20) of these pieces to my etsy art collection, but I'm having trouble deciding which!

Visit her shop and take your time. Each piece is an amazing work of art.

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