Wednesday, May 21, 2008

woohoo, a prize!

I enjoy checking out the contests and give-aways of the etsy street teams. I often find shops and items I wouldn't have seen otherwise. I got a great package in the mail a few days ago from the Etsy Artists of Color street team. It included a darling spring magnet from gingerlime and a pair of crocheted earrings from BklynMoMos. The earrings are HUGE - I admit I wouldn't have chosen a pair that big for myself, and that just goes to show what I know, because I love them. Seriously, they're perfect - they weigh almost nothing, and I feel like a disco diva with them on. They have quickly earned their place as my favorite pair of earrings, in a tie for first place with the polymer clay stakes earrings by deltafine.
Both BklynMoMos and Gingerlime have some wonderful items for sale - both shops gave me spontaneous big smiles. My favs:

BklynMoMos' yellow skirt, oh my goodness, this is so fabulous. This woman takes crochet to cool places I would have never thought of! And the best part is the name: Full Figured Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Skirt.

And gingerlime's ACEOS. (Click the photos to go to the etsy listings.) How wonderful are these!

Thanks, Artists of Color street team!


Jennifer said...

Hey! Thanks for the shout out:-) Glad you liked your magnet. That makes me smile!

Jennifer (

Bklyn MoMo's said...

I'm really glad they went to some one who loves them! I'd love to see a picture of you wearing them! :)


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