Tuesday, May 20, 2008

tarot of the day

Tarot Card: Two of Pentacles
Character: The Bringers
Upright Meaning: Financial or other problems. Warning. Imminent change. Blindness to coming change.
Reversed Meaning: Recklessness. Debt. Inability to complete a project.
Questions: Are you having difficulty making ends meet? Would it be better to increase your income or decrease your expenditures?
Advice: There’s something, probably in the financial realm, that you are not seeing. Try looking at things from another perspective or asking a friend for advice.

In brighter news... I've made my plan and my first sketch for my new tarot cards. They're going to be primarily polymer clay with other media and items included. I'm going with mostly bright colors, because that is what draws me, and I'm not really stretching outside the norm as far as components of the cards. I'm going to use the traditional elements, such as the pack of belongings and the dog for the fool card.

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