Tuesday, May 6, 2008

tarot of the day

(my card)
Tarot Card: Knight of Pentacles
Character: Jonathan
Upright Meaning: A tenacious person who always finds a way. Someone willing to use brains or brawn to achieve goals.
Reversed Meaning: Someone who lacks commitment and gives up easily. Unwillingness to work and laziness.
Question: Are you still searching for a solution or are you spinning your wheels in futility?
Advice: Be yourself. You’ve got resources right now – use your intuition, logic and hard work together to get this done. Beware of falling in with the wrong crowd. While they may increase your success in the short term, they will eventually lead directly to your downfall.

(K's card)
Tarot Card: Major Arcana, 14. Temperance
Character: Olivia
Upright Meaning: Balance and harmony. Cooperation and diplomacy. Successful negotiations. Ability to adapt to changing circumstances.
Reversed Meaning: Imbalance and disharmony. Over-indulgence. Over-emphasis on one aspect of life. Restlessness and instability.
Questions: Do you currently have a balanced life or are you obsessing over one aspect while others suffer neglect?
Advice: Strive for balance. This may mean taking a step back and spending some time in self-analysis. Keep in mind that once achieved, balance requires constant work and adjustment.

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