Friday, May 23, 2008

positive thinking

It's Thursday. Or it was 40 minutes ago, anyway. Things I choose to be excited about today:

  • The weather is supposed to be great this weekend for Harrisburg ArtsFest. My choir is singing, I love my choir, ergo excitement.
  • My students are doing a great job preparing for their recitals (one next weekend and one the following weekend).
  • I started making my Fool tarot art. More on that soon.
  • So You Think You Can Dance started tonight. Woot! It will be stupid for a few weeks, but it's OK, because the real dancing will start soon. I'm grateful that I had a childhood just privileged enough that I was able to take lessons, all sorts, including dance. I'm hoping to dance again some time in the next few years. Don't laugh - it could happen...
  • Grey's Anatomy was awesome tonight. It's the first episode I've seen of this season. I probably won't watch any more - I'll just wait and watch the whole thing obsessively when it comes out on DVD because that's what I do.
  • We will have a new president soon. I don't care if it's Clinton, Obama, McCain or my neighbor's dog. OK, I care a little. But it will be better than now. And there's hope, and the attitude of hope is catching on. This is a good thing.

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