Tuesday, April 22, 2008

tarot treasury

tarot treasury, originally uploaded by divadea.
I just made this treasury on etsy, after looking at practically every listing with the "tarot" tag - there aren't actually that many. There are only a few tarot artists on etsy, but the ones who are there are amazing. Anyway, you can click here to see the actual treasury for the next few days until it disappears.I am really itching to make an original tarot deck.

I mean an actual art one (though I do love and adore my own personal Buffy tarot deck). I have all these ideas and I can't decide how to begin. The options are polymer clay canework, polymer clay not canework, flat collage, 3-d collage-->photos, drawing/painting, all of the above... I also like the idea of making a photographed deck, perhaps out of modern urban-type images, but I am no photographer, nor do I even own a decent camera. I have never in my life experienced a shortage of ideas. Often, though, I have so many that I become paralyzed and have trouble figuring out where to start! Plus a project that's likely to take years rather than hours is a bit daunting. Why make them? Not because I think I can divine my future. I think it's because, first of all, I love things that come in sets, especially art things. Plus, each card (in the making and the interpreting) is like responding to a prompt - yes, there are rules and definitions, but the actual interpretation is up to the artist.

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