Tuesday, April 1, 2008

tarot of the day

Tarot Card: Major Arcana, 17. The Star
Character: Dawn
Upright Meaning: Hope and truth. A good sign or omen. Happiness. Renewal. Healing of old wounds. Broadening of mental horizons. Protection. Inspiration.
Reversed Meaning: False hope. A bad sign. Worry. Self-doubt. Obstacles to happiness, but minor ones.
Question: Why are you letting doubts creep into the perfect solution?
Advice: This is a good card, even reversed. Don’t allow negative thinking to mess up a good thing when you’ve got it. Keep your eyes open for a windfall that could change everything.
OK, negative thinking out. Roger that. Still, one way of pondering the cards is to go with your first instinct from the picture, which in this case on this day is "brat brat brat." Dawn is a beastly little brat. Well, not all the time. OK, so stop being a brat and look for that windfall. Yeah. I'll let you know when it gets here.
Note to self: find my Alice in Wonderland tarot cards. They're awfully cute.

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