Wednesday, July 2, 2008

tv tv tv

Yep, I am a television junkie. OK, not in the sense that I come home from work, watch for 6 hours and go straight to bed, but in the sense that I've actually started to like some shows (and by "like" I mean "be completely obsessed with.") When did this happen?

The current one absolutely not to be missed is So You Think You Can Dance. I am not a big follower of reality shows or talent competitions in general - I won't touch Hell's Kitchen or American Idol (gag) with a ten foot pole. But the dancing on SYTYCD is uplifting and just plain makes me happy. But before we even get to the dancing: I like the people on the show. The judges are actual experts, not a bunch of yahoos, and they are critical but not nasty. Cat Deeley, although I would swear she had her dress on upside down last week (the gray one with the ruffles at the top, did you see it?) is really good at her job, always positive, never stumbles over a word - oh to be half that good at public speaking. Jordin Sparks was on last week. I had never even heard of her (see the aforementioned aversion to American Idol), but it was so refreshing to see a normal-looking woman in a normal cocktail dress instead of pink shorts and vinyl thigh high boots, singing an normal song without the need to acrobatics along with it. What a joyful singer - who knew? Also, Adam Shankman was a judge last week. I love that man. You just want to hug him.

Now, about the dancing. Katee and Joshua have been my favorites since week one, and they continue to be fabulous. They have taken every style thrown at them and become totally immersed in it. Amazing. This is just one of their incredible performances.

My other favorites are Chelsea and Mark

and also Kourtni. But, sadly, I think she'll be going home soon, likely tomorrow. I blame her partner.

The other show I'm watching on actual TV right now is Swingtown - I know, you wouldn't think it would be a good show, but the characters are wonderful. On DVD, it's Big Love. Done with season 1, awaiting season 2 in the mail. This one is going to be in my top ten favs, I think. And of course, there are shows I'm anxiously awaiting. I really want to see Fringe. I hope it's as good as all the hype they're giving it. I'm also excited for the continuation of the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Where, oh where, has Chuck gone? I hope he comes back. And, of course, my world will be complete if Dollhouse ever actually gets on the air. All hail Joss.

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