Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tarot card of the day

This may or may not become a regular feature. Remains to be seen.

OK, give them a random shuffling and pull out the one that undoubtedly has great meaning for me at this moment. And the winner is...

Upright Meaning: An artistic, creative and witty person. Fun to be around and very capable of assisting others. A social butterfly.
Reversed Meaning: Prone to sudden changes of opinion. Someone who is self-centered and paranoid.
Questions: Are you caring too much about what those in your social circle think of you? Are you putting your creativity and wit to good use or are you using it to belittle others?
Advice: The motives of the person you’re questioning (it could be you or someone else) are pure and well-intentioned. A shallow exterior may be covering up a good heart and capable mind.

I've been reading a fair amount of Cordy fan fiction lately, not on purpose, by chance. Some is about high school Queen C (I've written some of that myself, actually) when she was shallow and popular and the girl all the sheep wanted to emulate. And then there's later on, when she's matured and taken on responsibilities and, well, she cares.

So where am I? I'm a little bit stuck between young and old. I'm creating fan art and fiction and hanging out online like the young, hip people do. I comment back and forth with someone, and then it dawns on me that, yikes, this is a college kid I'm talking to. I'm amazed at the confidence and insight these kids have - I sure didn't at that age. Not that I was a Cordelia - my insecurities may have been the same as hers, but I displayed them differently, and I surely was not in any way ever popular! There are not words to describe the joy I feel at being the age I am, allowing myself to enjoy my creative side, and having the wisdom (a tiny bit of it anyway) to realize that my life is good and to relish every moment of it. So I guess the Queen of Wands Cordelia message for me here is look how you've grown. Amen.

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