Wednesday, May 23, 2007

earrings and such

Here is the new avatar I made for etsy. (No copyright infringement intended, just enjoying a little fan art - doesn't take much to entertain me.) Good thing my earrings are lightweight!

And here's the pair of earrings I just posted at

This was one of those canes that just got bigger and bigger and more and more complicated. The tortoise-shell middle of the flower was a cane by itself, and then I added the orange stripey petals, and then the surrounding red stripey petals, and then the green stripey leaves (although some of that detail is lost when the beads get this small. Then the surrounding layer of shimmerry gold clay. Love the shimmer. The whole cane, pre-reduction, was about the size of a teacup saucer and probably about 4 inches tall. Still small by some standards, but large for mine.

I've improved my presentation, too. Each pair of earrings has its own hand-stamped/collaged card in coordinating colors. It's a tent-fold, so you can stand it up on a dresser. And it makes for a lovely gift. All my jewelry now comes in hand-folded paper boxes, as I have piles of beautiful scrapbooking paper sitting around saying "fold me, fold me!"

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