Thursday, May 3, 2007

The A's and B's

I'm liking bright colors these days. Here are my A and B jewelry pieces for sale at my shop, Any comments are always appreciated. Information about each piece is found at my etsy shop, like length, etc. - just click on the pictures or the names to go there. Or feel free to comment or email me ( with any questions you have. Anything in my shop is 10% discounted if you tell me you saw it here at my blogspot blog.

Brenda Earrings ($8) I love this cane. I made it a looooong time ago when I was just learning to do cane work. It brings to mind for me whimsical things like the Mad Hatter or a flock of balloons.
Belle Necklace ($18.50) I have never been able to duplicate this hand-mixed seafoam green background color. Sigh. The tube-shaped beads are my favorite millefiori style - there's just something elegant about them all in a row like that.
Beth Necklace ($16.50) This would be a nice one for Mother's Day, to give to your mom, or to wear yourself and impress your mom...
Arabelle Necklace and Bracelet Set ($22) I am totally in love with these beads. The aqua is so clear and bright, it makes me happy. Also, the black glass spacer beads are just beautiful. Sometimes I wish I made my canes bigger so I'd have more beads, but then again it's that never-repeated quality that makes these pieces so unique and fabulous.
Amy Earrings ($10) These are seriously funky. That is all.
Annetta Earrings ($7) Just listed. I love millefiori cubes, they're just fun.

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