Saturday, February 27, 2010

color me mine

We picked up our finished stuffs from Color Me Mine.
Kim's mug has a really cool rainbow of flowers going up and around.
I like my queen of hearts tea set, but I need to paint more coats next time.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blog ring Thursday - how'd we get here?

The topic this week is about how we found the Eclectic Artisans Team and why we joined.

Here's my story... the short version. I had a very bad experience with a team I had previously been working with. Let's just say there was some serious meanness involved. I went into people suck mode and stayed offline for several weeks.

And then I visited the etsy teams page and started searching for a good match. The treasury team was full, the central PA local team was completely inactive, and the other teams that appealed to me - like the team of Browncoats (Firefly fans) or the freethinkers team - seemed like they would be fun but maybe not so good for actual promotion, which was my goal. I got excited when I saw the EART team description. So far it's been great. I help out as much as I can without going all crazy with the time commitment, and as of yet, there's no one sending me nasty anonymous emails. So, hey, I'm ahead of the game... Seriously, this is a great group of ladies, all with unique talents, and I'm really enjoying their company. Our promo events have included challenges, virtual trunk shows and online scavenger hunts, all of which have been fun and profitable. And the best thing about this team? No drama :)

Interested in joining? Visit our forum to read the rules and etc.

Continue the blog ring with cardmaker Jeni of PnkGeeni.

Monday, February 22, 2010

weevils wovvle but they don't fall down

Torchwood! Still in the second season. Just watched the episode that shows the stories of how Jack gathered his team members. I'm starting to be very fascinated by Owen's character. Don't want James Marsters to be evil, LOL. But maybe he won't be - can't tell yet. Because I like this show so much, I'm considering renting some Dr. Who. But where to start?

I read this book:
It's hard to find words for the horror. This isn't a good book to read if you're interested in good writing technique (then again, neither is this blog...). It's the story of a girl raised in the FLDS (fundamentalist mormons). Basically it just made me very very sad and added just a bit more weight to my already overwhelming hatred of religion in general.

I don't mean in any way to minimize this poor girl's horrible experience of being forced to marry at 14 and things just getting worse from there. But I think what people don't understand is that all extreme religious upbringing can be very damaging. No child should have to spend years living in fear that hell awaits them if they don't follow a certain set of arbitrary rules.
OK, I admit it. Not only did I finally go to see New Moon, but I enjoyed it. In the same way a person might secretly like cheese in a can, you know? At least I saw it in the cheap, second-run movie theater. It's not like I cried and ran out to buy the movie on DVD to rewatch a hundred times or anything. But I did really enjoy the effects, especially the wolves, which were complete awesome. After reading all four books and seeing the first movie, I was completely non-plussed by Jacob. After this one, I can't help liking him. I still think the entire movie (now movies) was cast wrong. I would probably like it all more if the vampires were all different actors than they are. They just don't fit, in my humble opinion... I hated the entire musical score, but I suppose that's because this is a movie for teenagers. I couldn't help finding sweet little Dakota Fanning as a vampire kind of hilarious. But all in all, it was just fun. In a teenager angsty sort of way.

I watched Waitress - again! Why? Well, first of all there's never ever enough Nathan Fillion for me. Never ever, I tell you.

Also... the pie is pretty.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

happy birthday

Happy birthday, Anthony Head!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday EART blog ring: Offline Selling

The EART Thursday blog ring topic this week is:
Selling OFFLINE. Have you done it? Do you like it? Are you looking to try it this year?

What I've found is that when I get my stuff out in shops it sells well. The problem is getting the time to do it! Also, selling yourself is a tough gig for most of us.

My most recent location was the Palmyra Public Library, where a bunch of happy penguins did sell over the holiday season.

Currently, I've got some geek stuff hanging out at the local comic book store.

I'd really love to get in to a couple of local shops; in fact I've even been approached by a few of them in the past year. So the ball is in my court. Hopefully life will let up a bit at some point in the next... ever. And I'll be able to pursue some wholesaling!

To see if other EART members are more organized than I am (I'm guessing they are...), continue the ring with PnkGeeni's blog.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

wordless wednesday: biiiiiig puzzle

My etsy team does a "wordless wednesday" blog post, and I think I'm going to be a copycat. Now, forget you just read those words...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Media Consumption Monday

Finished The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards. It's about a doctor who delivers his own twins, a boy and a girl, and gives away the daughter because he can see that she has Down's Syndrome. He doesn't tell his wife, and their lives are affected adversely forever after. It's an interesting look at family dynamics and morality. Nice storytelling, very believable.


Still watching Torchwood. Was very excited, to say the least, when James Marsters showed up! We're just a few episodes into season 2.


Saw Rent, a travelling show. Oh, it was disappointing! Mimi, played by Brie Cassil, was outstanding, as was William Bailey as Angel. The rest ranged from so-so to very scary. There were entrances in the wrong key, big bad ensemble mistakes, and acting that was not believable at all. There were a few really fabulous moments, but here's the thing - if you don't cry at a Rent performance, it wasn't a very good performance.

We did, however, acquire these fabulous glasses. I do love glassware.


Am I horrible person to be disappointed that there's no Chuck tonight because of the Olympics?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

art party

craft-party-017, originally uploaded by divadea.
My friend made two matching faux mokume gane technique photo frames - polymer clay on wood - at the crafting party this weekend. Yay!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Michelles Charm World

My friend Michelle from the EART etsy team makes funky, chunky jewelry out of all sorts of crazy stuff - legos, barbie shoes, food miniatures... all colorful and fun. Her shop is called MichellesCharmWorld.

Right now she's having a give-away for a $15 gift certificate, and all you have to do is comment on this blog post.

My favorites of hers are the button bracelets, like this one:

I also really dig the Alice in Wonderland ring:

Good luck with your give-away, Michelle!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


snow3, originally uploaded by divadea.
Here it is, all the snow from the entire street/cul de sac, all right in front of our house :) Kim is almost 6 feet tall... Behold the fun!

Monday, February 8, 2010

do you hate Valentine's Day?

Roses are red, violets are blue, I'd be your valentine, except I don't like you.

A moment with you is like a thousand years.

This Valentine's Day, remember... I'll get a restraining order if I have to.

and short and to the point,


Thursday, February 4, 2010

blog ring thursday - valentine's day

Valentine's Day - like it? hate it? Tell about your plans for this heart holiday - in your shop or your life.

Well, see, it's like this... I had big plans for Valentine's Day stuff - cards and cupid penguins and roses and hearts... Not so much. This season totally got away from me. Totally! So maybe I should start now with my "create stuff a year ahead of time" plan, eh?

I did make a few simple Valentines:

But that's about it, I'm afraid.

As for me myself personally, I like Valentine's Day. It's an anniversary of sorts in my life, and second to October (of course), I think February is my favorite month. Plans? Yes! Craft party with my buds on 2/13 and Rent - my absolute favorite show ever - on 2/14.

Continue the ring and see what PurpleSparkle and other EART members think about Valentine's Day.

Monday, February 1, 2010

EART trunk show tonight!

Attention, all you lovers of love. And all you lovers of shopping... EART Trunk Show at the virtual labs on etsy - 9:30 PM, Monday, February 1.

Here are some of the sales available only at the trunk show!

We will be in the Gallery Room, Look for EART TEAM TRUNK SHOW

What's a virtual trunk show? It's where you come to our online sale from the comfort of your own computer, and our artisans and crafters show you our latest goodies.

The EART ladies will be offering Valentine's Day items and all sorts of other handmade wonderfulness for sale, and each seller will have special deals and sales for this event only.

 Hope to see you there!
10% off all items at EclecticSkeptic and 10% off all handmade heart items at EDCCollective when you include the code in the notes to seller. Your discount will be refunded through PayPal after you have paid, does not apply to shipping and is good until midnight, February 2, 2010.
*Buy One Item From My Shop, Select Another One Of Equal Or Lesser Value For FREE! Using the Code from the show. Wait for revised invoice through PAYPAL. Payment must be made same day as purchase for the Discount to apply.
*First Person To Purchase Using The Code also gets a 5.00 Gift Certificate off Their Next Purchase!
15% off listed price (excluding shipping) ALL items in my shop when you include the code in the notes to seller. Discount will be refunded through Paypal after payment is made, or you may request a revised invoice. **PLUS first two people to purchase from my shop using the code will receive a FREE GIFT! Purchases of Tutorials alone are not eligible for the free gift.**

Enchanted Beads
Enchanted Bitz
I offer 10% off all items at EnchantedBeads and at Enchanted Bitz provided you include the code ***in the Note to seller. Your discount will be refunded through PayPal after you have paid. Or you may request a revised invoice before paying. It doesn't apply to shipping. The code will be good until Febr 8. If you buy from both shops we can combine shipping for more savings. FREE GIFT with every purchase.
I will offer 15% OFF all Spring arrangements* Before shipping. Providing the buyer puts the code in the notes to Seller. The discount will be refunded through PayPal after payment has been made. Or you may request a revised invoice before paying. Fall and Christmas arrangements receive FREE shipping!!
25% off your entire purchase, excluding shipping. Use the special EART trunk show code in the notes to seller and wait for a revised invoice.
20% discount when using the Code from the show. Refund via PAYPAL after payment. Does not include shipping. Valid til 14th Feb
First TWO people to purchase get Free Shipping gift certificate to use on their next order.
I'm offering 15% off your order through February 14th. The discount does not include shipping price and will be refunded through Paypal after payment.
I'm offering 20% off any purchase over $10 with free international shipping. Code is valid through February 14th.

Remember, you will get the code at the trunk show! See you Monday!!!


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