Monday, February 22, 2010

weevils wovvle but they don't fall down

Torchwood! Still in the second season. Just watched the episode that shows the stories of how Jack gathered his team members. I'm starting to be very fascinated by Owen's character. Don't want James Marsters to be evil, LOL. But maybe he won't be - can't tell yet. Because I like this show so much, I'm considering renting some Dr. Who. But where to start?

I read this book:
It's hard to find words for the horror. This isn't a good book to read if you're interested in good writing technique (then again, neither is this blog...). It's the story of a girl raised in the FLDS (fundamentalist mormons). Basically it just made me very very sad and added just a bit more weight to my already overwhelming hatred of religion in general.

I don't mean in any way to minimize this poor girl's horrible experience of being forced to marry at 14 and things just getting worse from there. But I think what people don't understand is that all extreme religious upbringing can be very damaging. No child should have to spend years living in fear that hell awaits them if they don't follow a certain set of arbitrary rules.
OK, I admit it. Not only did I finally go to see New Moon, but I enjoyed it. In the same way a person might secretly like cheese in a can, you know? At least I saw it in the cheap, second-run movie theater. It's not like I cried and ran out to buy the movie on DVD to rewatch a hundred times or anything. But I did really enjoy the effects, especially the wolves, which were complete awesome. After reading all four books and seeing the first movie, I was completely non-plussed by Jacob. After this one, I can't help liking him. I still think the entire movie (now movies) was cast wrong. I would probably like it all more if the vampires were all different actors than they are. They just don't fit, in my humble opinion... I hated the entire musical score, but I suppose that's because this is a movie for teenagers. I couldn't help finding sweet little Dakota Fanning as a vampire kind of hilarious. But all in all, it was just fun. In a teenager angsty sort of way.

I watched Waitress - again! Why? Well, first of all there's never ever enough Nathan Fillion for me. Never ever, I tell you.

Also... the pie is pretty.

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