Monday, February 15, 2010

Media Consumption Monday

Finished The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards. It's about a doctor who delivers his own twins, a boy and a girl, and gives away the daughter because he can see that she has Down's Syndrome. He doesn't tell his wife, and their lives are affected adversely forever after. It's an interesting look at family dynamics and morality. Nice storytelling, very believable.


Still watching Torchwood. Was very excited, to say the least, when James Marsters showed up! We're just a few episodes into season 2.


Saw Rent, a travelling show. Oh, it was disappointing! Mimi, played by Brie Cassil, was outstanding, as was William Bailey as Angel. The rest ranged from so-so to very scary. There were entrances in the wrong key, big bad ensemble mistakes, and acting that was not believable at all. There were a few really fabulous moments, but here's the thing - if you don't cry at a Rent performance, it wasn't a very good performance.

We did, however, acquire these fabulous glasses. I do love glassware.


Am I horrible person to be disappointed that there's no Chuck tonight because of the Olympics?

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