Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday EART blog ring: Offline Selling

The EART Thursday blog ring topic this week is:
Selling OFFLINE. Have you done it? Do you like it? Are you looking to try it this year?

What I've found is that when I get my stuff out in shops it sells well. The problem is getting the time to do it! Also, selling yourself is a tough gig for most of us.

My most recent location was the Palmyra Public Library, where a bunch of happy penguins did sell over the holiday season.

Currently, I've got some geek stuff hanging out at the local comic book store.

I'd really love to get in to a couple of local shops; in fact I've even been approached by a few of them in the past year. So the ball is in my court. Hopefully life will let up a bit at some point in the next... ever. And I'll be able to pursue some wholesaling!

To see if other EART members are more organized than I am (I'm guessing they are...), continue the ring with PnkGeeni's blog.

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