Tuesday, March 3, 2009

challenge time - cane work

This is my challenge entry for the PCAGOE March cane work challenge. I'm pretty happy with this one. I started with a regular cardboard paper towel tube. Then I poked in (one at a time, my fingers were black - oy!) about 200 nails. Then I mixed polymer clay colors and made canes and sliced them up and put the slices on the tube one at a time. Then I baked it. Then I put in a handful of brown rice (what rainstick doesn't need a little fiber with its carbs?) and then I added more clay cane slices and embellishments, including ends, which do nicely to keep the rice inside. Then another baking. And then, yes, a good amount of admiring and turning it over and over to hear the little rain sound. You want to hear it?

OK, so click over to pcagoe and vote for a favorite entry. All voters are entered to win prizes, and the prizes are cool :) Thanks for your support.

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