Wednesday, June 11, 2008

tarot of the day

Tarot Card: Major Arcana, 10. The Wheel of Fortune
Character: Kendra
Upright Meaning: Good fortune and sheer luck. A temporary gain. An opportunity to be seized now before it disappears. Unexpected fortunate coincidences. Positive upheaval.
Reversed Meaning: Bad fortune. Missed opportunity. Needless risk. Resistance to chance. Unexpected interruptions. Difficulties and delays.
Questions: Are you taking advantage of the good things that pass your way? Are you ready to accept an unexpected boost, or are you too bound by routine to notice?
Advice: Accept luck as it comes to you. Seize opportunities, but avoid foolish risk-taking. Realize that whether the luck that just arrived is good or bad, it is almost certainly temporary, because the wheel continues to turn.
My hand is finally feeling OK enough that I can do some cross-stitching without intense pain, so I started working on the Buffy extravaganza again. What, you say? My entire life is a Buffy extravaganza? Well, some days. Anywho, there are twelve pages of pattern, and I am working on the fourth. The little bits hinting at a face on the left there will eventually be Xander.

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