Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tarot card of the day

So I pulled a random card, and who should I pull but me! I mean Clem. I mean the three of cups card that is Clem that is the card in this particular deck that happens to represent me.

And suddenly I have a memory of my friend Miss Cathy saying, "The cards don't lie, dude," and it makes me smile. Miss Cathy was a good friend, and an inspiration, and I'm sorry that I haven't seen her in a long while. She's the one with whom I started making clay creations. We perused a couple books and then proceeded to make, well, mostly a big mess. We listened to a lot of Paul Simon. We had many crooked flowers and unidentifiable shapes and canes with two good beads in the middle and a bunch of muck at the ends until we final got the hang of it, so to speak. Of course polymer clay mess-ups can always be recycled, but it seemed whenever we'd blend the clay back together into one color we'd always end up with turquoise. How is that possible? You'd think brown, or actually, as I've experienced since then, gray. But no, it was always turquoise. Once I tried to make an elephant cane. The reduced cane ended up being about twice the length of the table. There was about a half inch of something sort of elephant-like in the middle, and then the rest became, you guessed it, turquoise. Good times.

Anyway, back to the card of the day.

Tarot Card: Three of Cups
Character: Clem
Upright Meaning: Merriment and celebration. Success and Joy. Healing and positive results. A good attitude.
Reversed Meaning: Over-indulgence. Tending toward excess, but with little harm resulting.
Question: What is one thing that you’ve succeeded at this week?
Advice: Allow yourself to relax and enjoy life. Blow off that meeting or task just this once. A little self-indulgence now will lead to a more effective you. Then you may want to participate in a positive healing ritual for yourself or someone else – could be anything from a bubble bath to a reconciliation phone call.

Well, what I take from this is that after a difficult couple of weeks I'm back to myself. Striking that balance between responsible and carefree is hard, but life feels steady and worthwhile when it happens.

What a great character Clem is. He mostly just pursues merriment and assumes everyone else will want to come right along - who wouldn't? He tries to do the right thing, but he gets mixed around sometimes. He's a faithful friend, and he'll help out anyone in a pinch. He's not the prettiest, but he makes up for it with his flambuoyant personality. I do wonder where he got the car...

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