Sunday, September 9, 2007

occasionally one does need a greeting card

The time grows near. It's almost here.

Occasionally there's an occasion. And occasionally we all like to send a greeting card for said occasion. But occasionally we're hardpressed to find that greeting card that really expresses the right sentiment for an occasion. And so we let the occasion go by without mention. It's just not right.

So in the spirit of occasions, my new etsy shop, thepaperwhisperer, will be stocked with cards for just such occasions.

For instance, when a friend has a bad salon experience, the friendly thing to do is to sympathize, isn't it? A person shouldn't have to suffer through a bad haircut alone. Let your friend know you care with a one-of-a-kind "sorry about your haircut" card. There's even room for you to write a little blurb about your own bad haircut experiences.

And what about the holidays? Sure there are holiday cards galore, but do they really express how you feel about the shopping and the decorating and the obligatory giving of gifts to people you don't even like and that awful song about the kid trying to buy the shoes that gets played on the radio every 20 minutes need it or not for 2 months straight? For me, this one says it all. So, if you're none too fond of the season, please feel free to order the "ugh" card in bulk. I'll give you a deal.

Many more cards, most way ruder than these, and very reasonably priced, are on their way to the soon-to-be-stocked etsy shop, thepaperwhisperer.

In the meantime, stop by for polymer clay jewelry and other goodness!

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