Saturday, January 22, 2011

margarita cake

I made a cake to take to a party, a margarita cake, to be exact. I was so excited to use the bundt pan. I mean, wouldn't you be? I used this recipe, except I used lemon pudding instead of vanilla and lime juice instead of lemon juice.

Unfortunately, I used Pam instead of the grease and flour, and disaster ensued. The cake came out of the pan in more pieces than it should have. (One piece would have been good.) I considered making another one, but then I decided to squoosh it into a Tupperware bowl (gah! don't you love vintage Tupperware!?), add the glaze and serve it with a spoon.

It would be cool to chop it up in chunks and put in in a huge margarita glass for serving. I don't actually have one of those, but maybe next time. Also, I think if I made it again I think I would use Cointreau instead of triple sec - better flavor. I could also see using Chambord in the glaze and making it a raspberry margarita.

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