Monday, April 19, 2010

shows are never how you remember them

Sports Night - about halfway through. Not at all like I remember it - way more serious. I like it.

Lost - killer first season! Looking forward to watching the rest. So far I adore Sawyer, Jack and Sayid.

Avatar - finally saw it. Wow! So incredibly beautiful. Would have preferred 45 minutes shorter and a bit less violence. But still, absolutely brilliant. Wow.

Fame - Wow. Lamest movie I've seen in a long time. Weird, since there were so many fabulous people in it. But... no plot, no good dancing, no exciting singing. All around lame lame lame.

Survivor - Again, I say, wow. Seriously, Russell just comes out on top time after time. How does that little twerp manage it? How? Wow.

Am seriously considering laying off the TV-watching in favor of writing some music. Hmmmm.

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